Santana and quinn hook up fanfic

He's done time in juvie, he's made a baby with quinn, and he's romanced santana, rachel, mercedes, and lauren -- all in the course of two seasons but there's a twist in store but would puck let a little complication like that stop him from pursuing his former cheerleader hookup brittany | hmmm puck. Title: let the distance keep us together fandom: glee pairings: rachel/quinn spoilers: none, really but let's say audition for mention of a new character rating: r word count: 10,253 description: rachel and quinn break up when they go to college note: so i haven't written anything in a long time. Fic: dream a dream she looks like madonna (finn/santana) title: dream a dream she looks like words: drabble disclaimer: not mine prompt: (202): but i'm paying and its not a date cause he's got a gf and i'm hooking up with his roommate tomorrow night left by smc_27 at the santana lopez drabble meme. And perhaps puck breaks up with quinn, and finn hears about it and quinn/ santana, futurefic where quinn is house wifey and santana.

A faberry story set to celine dion's it's all coming back to me now i actually like it when santana and rachel get along in a fic happy ending up to anon, but this is the angst thread so if there is to be a happy end to a story, maybe quinn can endure the pain of her actions by watching rachel be happy with someone. Fic: crawling towards the sun (1/) 'est rachel/quinn: santana fucks rachel from behind with a strap-on while quinn watches' quinn woke up with the taste of vomit in her mouth and the painfully loud alarm clock assaulting her ears. Quinn/rachel glee: faberry: oneshots: if at first you don't succeed rated k: redlance-ck in which quinn asks rachel out on a date and is shot down “in order to raise money for the bus to sectionals/regionals/nationals whatever, rachel comes up with the brilliant idea for them to set up a kissing booth in order to.

Title: what makes you think i've changed rating: nc-17 character: puck/ rachel/santana summary: she's beginning to judge, pretty harshly, the people who actually want to go to their 10 year high school reunion word count: 5,800 disclaimer: don't own ( the whiskey burns her throat as it goes down, but she likes. Faberry set the start of s2, au onwards quinn reflects on her faith and on her love for rachel, and whether she has to give up one for the other closer by quinn animagus-kittyrachel deal with the devil by roxystyle011 rachel doesn't understand what it is that santana has that makes all the boys go crazy.

I like it that way, though, because it's my head canon that quinn and santana grew up together despite what the show says such wasted potential for as long as she sat beside you, her eyes locked on yours and your fingers intertwined, as the doctors set your broken bone the pain was masked by the. All the kisses normal, reversed, slowed down, zoomed in, etc watch in 720p and please don't mention the characters or show in the.

Title: slavery to a pattern fandom: glee pairing : quinn/rachel, brittany/ santana rating: up to r spoilers: all of season 1 warnings: domestic violence, hurt/comfort, angst author's disclaimer: complete, total, unabashed id fic she takes it down from its hook and closes the cabinet door. She told santana, “that's what friends do” as if friends set each other up with hookers on an everyday basis then again, santana's not sure – maybe some friends actually do that so while quinn called and smirked and winked and said “ uh huh” into the phone over and over again, santana stayed where. The images of a curving stairway and entwined fingers may not be enough now that they have split up please note: this story one day during a bad day for quinn, santana makes it her mission in life to make quinn feel loved and masculine i have not planned this fic all out yet, but it will be more au than it is canon.

Santana and quinn hook up fanfic

Quinn is dating sam and santana seems jealous of all relationships, because of her lack of a relationship santana tells sam that quinn cheated on him with finn (which is true) sam breaks up with quinn, and then he begins to date santana quinn is seen looking at them jealously during rachel's house party santana. Santana has been ridiculed by her peers and raped by her father all throughout her childhood she is contemplating suicide when brittany, almost too perfect to be real, falls into her life a divine image by precisely-my-point (complete) santana lives with quinn and tina in chinatown, manhattan while santana meets and. Quinn and santana attempt to navigate their lives after their valentine's day hook -up quinntana rated: fiction m - english - romance/drama - quinn f, santana l - chapters: 37 - words: 69,235 - reviews: 489 - favs: 346 - follows: 247 - updated: jul 13, 2013 - published: jun 22, 2013 - status: complete - id: 9417543.

  • (fox)while we were busy watching our favorite chorusing high schoolers grow up on glee, they were busy falling in love with each other in a dizzying array of combinations say hello to the unholy trinity, the fierce, catty and always fabulous friendship(ish) of santana, quinn, and brittany is there a.
  • When santana wakes up the morning in quinn's hotel room, the night after the wedding, she has every intention of this just being a hook up for them both but later on she starts to wonder whether it was just a crazy, spontaneous night between them, or whether it was something much more than that canon until 4x14 'i do.

Faberry fanfic rec what doors may open by k'schoiceofafi rated m au rachel comes out as gay after dumping finn people slowly start to find out and, when she walked in to find an ordinary brunette to strike up an argument with, and all quinn cared about was that rachel hadn't the slightest clue who she was. After a break up with brittany, santana moves in with quinn and things spin out of control future fic chapter 5 contains graphic violence and torture a bisexual cheerleader who's majoring in marketing, and santana's that lesbian business major, and they're roommates and best friends who occasionally hook up a lot. Or will they break up what will they go through lea michele meets dianna agron on the first day of set and they become roomates they fall in love and many pretty unpretty (faberry fanfiction) santana is kinda a nerd who is just trying to fit in at her new high school and falling in love with head cheerleader quinn. After a jealous unsuccessful attempt to break up her exes sam and brittany in diva, santana realizes she belongs in new york with rachel and kurt and moves in with them in i do she and quinn sleep together at will and emma's wedding, which they agree was a fun one-time experimentation for quinn later, kurt and.

Santana and quinn hook up fanfic
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